Dallas Wheels Mali Mpya Zimewasili

Car seat cushions(universal fit,durable and fashionable)available. Seat covers (in different colors depend on interior color of your car) for Toyota Rav4, Noan, Corolla..Mercedes, BMW…etc.

18″ Gold (Chrome)

It’s a new collection from Asanti wheels now available at our showroom.

Kwa Mahitaji yako ya Accesories mbalimbali za Gari lako,Tunapatikana Dar es salaam,Wilaya ya Ilala-Kariakoo, Mtaa wa SWAHILI.Bidhaa zetu zinatoka UAE-Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,China na Japan. WASILIANA NASI; 0784949127, 0718306060, 0719700001, 0754268578 KARIBUNI SANA.

One Response to Dallas Wheels Mali Mpya Zimewasili

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